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Musician/s of the week!

Meet Idiotape!

Idiotape. A brief look inside the Band.

Idiotape is a fresh new electronic/rock group from South Korea (or as they describe themselves, Super Sonic Korean Rock). They combine unique, glitchy electronic sounds with rock n’ roll drumming. They’ve developed a substantial fan base in SK and I have no doubt their influence will spread worldwide. Songs such as Pluto and Wasted are my favorites from them. You can find their work on Youtube or Vimeo. The link provided above is from one of my favorite sites, The Creators Project. Enjoy!

POTD- My laboratory!

Albert Einstein once said, “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”For obvious reasons I like to think there is truth to that statement or question if you prefer.

Chemistry class went very well today. We discussed the nomenclature of various compounds including ionic, covalent and acidic. The subject matter is proving to be as complicated as I’d predicted which is good. I prefer to know what’s coming. Another reason it went well is because our professor  decided to push today’s test to Tuesday of next week. Seeing as how I spent a good amount of time studying for the test yesterday, I can now spend more time on my music and maybe a small amount of time reviewing Blender tutorials. That being said, I am now off to explore the endless possibilities provided by the combination of Ableton, an MPK, and my imagination! Take care!

Fun in Chemistry Lab

So today’s chemistry lab was fun. We covered the differences between physical and chemical properties and changes in those properties. While burning copper bromine my partner and I noticed the typical chemical reaction, a green flame. While my partner documented our observation. I noticed the smell that accompanies copper bromine when it’s burned. It reminded me of what chlorine and rubbing alcohol smell like when mixed together. I told my partner to take a small, quick wiff and what does he do? He sticks his nose close to it and inhales. As you may have guessed he starts coughing furiously and yes, it is painful to watch. The lab professor proceeds to take him outside for fresh air while I continue to document other physical and chemical reactions resulting from burning other chemicals. On a positive note he ended up being alright.

Now that I’ve returned home I’ll spend the rest of my day studying for my chemistry test tomorrow and probably end up playing with Ableton for a while as well. I’m having a lot of fun mixing dubstep drum beats with glitch noises. As soon as I compile something worth listening to, I’ll post it.

POTD is my college campus. Paradise Valley Community College

Something I wrote while feeling inspired.

There comes a point in life where you find yourself sitting in a chair at home, in front of a computer, in the process of becoming pleasantly relaxed, using a piece of “hobby software” and you say to yourself, “ A really talented person can do this with the software. Do I want to be great with this software, this digital tool? Or do I just sit on the other side of the fence and wonder how something is done”…Your work should be a reflection of your inspiration. It is who you allow yourself to become. Well I don’t want to become a lawyer a dishwasher or a construction worker. My work will be in what I love doing. Learning and creating multiple forms of art.


My first creation with Gimpshop.

*I do not claim credit for shooting this photo*

It’s a Bit Toasty Out There

I just arrived home from chemistry class and I am definitely still in Phoenix. With out thought, the moment I entered my apartment, I stripped. It’s times like this I miss my days lived in Woodland Park and Divide, Colorado. I woke up around 8:30am today and I honestly can’t remember a thing I did besides make coffee and find a link to an awesome project some guys are putting together in California. Their idea merges the concept of skateboarding with an electric motor. The motor is strong enough to move up an incline (Weight capacity unknown. It didn’t mention) and reach speeds of up to 20 miles per hour. It’s battery operated and when one brakes, the batteries recharge. Genius innovation! I’m sure the idea has been around for some time, however it’s nice to see people with the capacity and motivation actually pursuing this idea. I would love to own one one day. Seeing as how I no longer own a vehicle it would be a welcomed change of pace from walking to college every day in Arizona’s glorious, sweltering rays of happiness! I encourage those with the means available to invest in these men’s dream by clicking on the link below. The idea presents an exceptional alternative to fossile fueled transportation. Imagine millions of people moving around on an electric powered longboard! 🙂

Also attached is the POTD (Photo Of The Day)Image


I don’t feel like I can gather my thoughts at this time. In less than 4 hours I will be giving my leased Subaru STI back to the dealership…before the lease is due to end. Driving that car is unique experience like no other. Every time I sit in the drivers seat, grip the hand stitched leather steering wheel, throw the shifter in first and punch the gas I’m overcome with life. Something inside of me is giving a warning that turning in the keys may be harder than I originally anticipated. I can’t turn back now. I must give the car back to propel my life in a positive and productive direction. The things I do for the sake of my music!

On another note I spent yesterday evening with a familiar face. It was wonderful to be in her presence once again. We bought some groceries then went back to her apartment where she cooked us dinner and we watched Forgetting Sara Marshall, one of my favorite comedies. We took our time catching up on one another’s lives. With the amount of smiling and laughing taking place it’s no wonder we were awake until early morning today. I hope to see her again very soon.

Miss you!

Le Tear

Oh Ableton…

So I spent the better part of the day figuring out the basics of Ableton Live. I’m very pleased with Quick Pro Guide’s, “Producing Music with Ableton Live.” Jake Perrine did a fantastic job writing the material. I have an EXTREMELY small amount of experience making music and I understand everything Jake explains. Tomorrow, if I don’t get too caught up in learning more about Ableton, I will attempt to make my first video tutorial on how to use Ableton Live software and upload it to Youtube. Image

Fix your sniffer and find the bacon.

You’re drifting. Day after day I watch you drift. Faint-hearted promises of ambition impulsively stagger from your mouth. They sound great for the moment, but are apparently too heavy for the soul to bear. Forget the problem and focus on the life-leeching routine of familiarity. Same movies, same music, same food, same Facebook update. Drown the senses with meaningless noise and restrict the growth of mind, body and soul. Keep telling yourself you aren’t smart enough and you’ll understand through experience the definition of regret. How can you always be so certain? You replace curiosity with assumption like a true adult, never realizing the awe passing your life by. If you continue dining on the poisonous promises society presents you with, I fear you’ll never experience fulfillment. Stop waiting for others to provide genius and develop your own. Be your own storyteller. Participate in life and create instead of observing. How will you ever find purpose if you don’t pursue?

What is love?

Pick pick pick. What is love? I understand there to be two different types of love. That which you give to family and that which you give to a significant other. I will question both. As far back as I can remember my parents would smile and tell me they love me. I eventually figured out I was expected to say it back in return but I didn’t understand why. They always looked so happy and alive when they said it to me, but I didn’t share the enthusiasm they were infected with. I didn’t feel anything when they confronted me so my first thought was, “I don’t want to say it back.” I did though out of fear of their disciplin. I knew if I didn’t say it back they would either scorn me or send me packing on a trip of guilt.

My question now is, was I missing something? Should I have felt as they did? Was or is there something wrong with me? I’ve had a fare share of significant others during my 25 years and I’m still not sure if I loved any of them or if I just experienced an indescribable amount of infatuation. If the saying, love is the absence of judgement, holds truth then I love and have loved many people. Under that ruling I show love to random people almost everyday. explains the definition of love as, ” a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.” I’ve felt that way about many women. Some I wasn’t even in a relationship with. Perhaps each of us have our own definition of love that holds secure in our mind. I like to believe that is not fact, but truth. If I ever happen upon a better explanation I’ll welcome it, but until that time exists I’ll hold on to my theory. As a result of my belief I won’t allow myself to ever tell someone they never loved me. That kind of certainty appears foolish in nature and contradictory in my current belief.

The Small and Peaceful Mountain Town

     The mist is cast gently over the tips of cumbered pine trees that blanket the small, peaceful mountain town. The air is crisp, cool and pure. When inhaled it gives a sensation of tingling pulsation. Random shades of white and grey, glowing clouds proliferate through a seemingly ever-expanding blue sky. One couldn’t possibly be left with wonder as to why politeness and laughter grow without boundary in this Eden. When confronted with the surrounding mountains, it’s impossible for the peaks of taller mountains to go unseen in the distance. Bicycle riders profuse themselves up steep inclines and lose themselves to euphoria when speeding effortlessly down proceeding declining hills. People seem to move and converse without eloquence in this place. At the same time their character can at first overwhelm the senses of a compressed city dweller. Differences are celebrated with illuminating smiles and shining eyes in this small, peaceful mountain town.

     I sit in a random coffee shop as I scan people, parking lots and tree lines. I listen to surrounding conversations and I discover who encompasses me. People learning about culture in Africa surround me. I hear information being exchanged in concern with writing, photographing and crater exploring. Favorite authors and metal working artists are praised and appreciated. Far away are the trivial, unjustly proportioned verbal spewing’s of he said, she said and my personal favorite, “Oh my god! Did you see what she was wearing? So gross!” Here knowledge and creativity are infused with curious and wondering minds. The presence of these peaceful, accepting and appreciating personalities combined with the powerful and majestic beauty of their land is humbling to say the very least. I believe quality of one’s life can be best measured without distraction in a place such as this. Life is most certainly lived and appreciated in this small, peaceful mountain town.

      Rain begins to cascade from a grey heaven. Life is being delivered and it feels spectacular. In this moment a number of people, ranging many different ages can be seen leaving shops and cafes. Few shield themselves from the sky’s gift, but more look upward with giant smiles and some even dance. This is what it’s like to experience beauty. This is one way I enjoy and renew my appreciation for life. It’s the child who without warning, bounds himself into the air while simultaneously pulling his knees to his chest and ultimately strikes a puddle of water into the air. It’s the couple that sits one table across from me, talking about yesterdays hike through a secluded mountain trail. It’s the gentle touch of her thumb moving up and down his forearm as he loses himself in her smile. I’m pleased to discover she never asked, “What?”  She understands why he can’t look away and she in turn loves him for it. Such beauty is immeasurably cherish able. 


Frustration stealing the reigns

My roommate, Mike, told me about a job offer he found today. Personel security at the U.S. embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. He said one of the guys we served with is over there now making $8,000 every month after taxes. I’m thinking to myself, I need to apply for this job. The contract is typical, one year. With $96,000 I can not only pay off my new Subaru STI, but I can also drop a nice down payment on a house. Who knows, maybe if the job goes smoothly I’ll do two years and buy the house in full.

College is not going well this semester, my grades are lagging behind. Partially because I don’t grasp certain subjects like math and economics quickly and another because of my own self-defeating habits like procrastination. I feel burnt out of the college thing. Why can’t I take a break from college, go make ridiculous amounts of money for a year or two and then come back and continue school with out the car and house payment worries? It sounds like a great plan and that is why I don’t see it working. Something will get in the way.