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Late Night Gab

October 15, 2012

I’ve found myself unable to sleep tonight. Thoughts of school, and living arrangements are maintaining productivity in keeping my mind occupied. Come November my apartment’s lease will conclude and I will have to find a new place to live. I have plans of moving to Seattle, WA in Jan so I didn’t plan on renewing my lease or searching for a new one. I had planned on staying with family for the remaining two months of the year, however that fell through unfortunately. I have a friend I can ask to stay with, but like most I know, I feel uncomfortable asking. I’m not used to not having a plan. It’s an uncomfortable yet slightly exciting feeling. I managed to complete 4 tests from my computer information class, earning a B or higher on all and completing a homework assignment so at least I’m remaining productive! I just finished another mini music production which is shared below. It has an upbeat glitchy, electronic, ambient, Bollywood feel to it. I hope all enjoy 🙂

Subatomic Perception

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  1. Mia Englund permalink

    Hello old friend.

    • Hi old friend. How are you?

      • Mia Englund permalink

        Good. Just got back to Arizona this week. Trying to find a house. Broc is working but I’m a stay at home step mom/mom to be (4 months). Just thought I’d see what you were up to. So how about you?

      • Just going to college and trying to make music 🙂 Trying to get back into running too!

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