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I present my doumbek

October 7, 2012

When I was 14 years old living in Phoenix I had a friend who’s mother belly danced at a local belly dancing studio. The studio attracted not only belly dancers but musicians of middle eastern instruments as well. Being a lover of music I’ve always had an appreciation for different genres. That being said, I quickly fell in love with the “middle eastern/mediterranean” sound. I found the doumbek drum to be exceptionally entrancing. I remember sitting down and studying each drummer. How do they hold the drum, how do they strike it, ok how many different types of strikes are possible, what is the pattern here. I was hooked and through the kindness of my friends mother I gained my own doumbek to practice with. Life would eventually intervine and I wouldn’t attend the dance studio for long, but I kept the doumbek. Today I only remember 3 different beats, but I believe my brain will remember the rest quickly with the internet’s immersion. I still remember how to tune and I still have Youtube! Now that I am making music with Ableton I can incorporate my doumbek with the rest of my music. I love the future…

POTD- My doumbek

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  1. Amazing ! Thank you so much for shaing the great article related with your past life about Doumbek and belly dance. I am very imprasive. Awesome !

  2. Awesome blog! Thanks for sharing,In this article I know about Doumbek and belly dance

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