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Dreaming Between Classes

September 26, 2012

I was pleasantly surprised in how confident I was in answering the test questions of my CIS (Computer Information Systems) class today. Finishing the test as quickly as I did has left me with an hour of free time. I’m sitting in a computer commons now drifting through websites dedicated to keeping it’s users updated with the latest information regarding artistic creation. I’ve been searching for a good piece of software or freeware that deals with time management. Watching all these artists work, I often imagine they must be experts at organizing their time. My perception may be naive, but it makes sense to me. I believe if I want to maintain productivity in all tasks I give myself I must manage my time better. If anyone has experience with some sort of time management interface, I would greatly appreciate your time and advice!

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  1. I do not have any software experience for TM personal use, just school timetabling. For me, time management is that I have an agenda set for the day otherwise minutes and hours get frittered away like the aimless snacking on food stuff. I did a look-see at writers once and discovered many confessed they got up each AM and wrote for a set number of hours or words. There’s the discipline part which might be more/as important as time management.

    Hope the hours are happily full for you.

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