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Fun in Chemistry Lab

September 19, 2012

So today’s chemistry lab was fun. We covered the differences between physical and chemical properties and changes in those properties. While burning copper bromine my partner and I noticed the typical chemical reaction, a green flame. While my partner documented our observation. I noticed the smell that accompanies copper bromine when it’s burned. It reminded me of what chlorine and rubbing alcohol smell like when mixed together. I told my partner to take a small, quick wiff and what does he do? He sticks his nose close to it and inhales. As you may have guessed he starts coughing furiously and yes, it is painful to watch. The lab professor proceeds to take him outside for fresh air while I continue to document other physical and chemical reactions resulting from burning other chemicals. On a positive note he ended up being alright.

Now that I’ve returned home I’ll spend the rest of my day studying for my chemistry test tomorrow and probably end up playing with Ableton for a while as well. I’m having a lot of fun mixing dubstep drum beats with glitch noises. As soon as I compile something worth listening to, I’ll post it.

POTD is my college campus. Paradise Valley Community College

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